Monday, February 23, 2009


It's been awhile since we last looked at movie loglines as written by some bored employee over at TiVo. Here are a few new favorites.

Wait a minute — was that what the '60s series was about? Hippies and toxic waste?

Who can't relate?

I love this one not for the logline but for the title.

This movie is based on the book Marie Antoinette, not the person Marie Antoinette.
Do people really find "wet, juicy" butts appealing? Me, I prefer a dry butt.

I suppose they might have a unique viewpoint.

Another bizarre title. This job + "hole" porn title construct doesn't work with very many occupations, by the way. For example, "Lawyerholes" isn't very sexy.

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  1. Mansquito seems like the kind of movie you see at 3am in a hotel in Phnom Penh; that stuff they seem to produce thinking mostly of selling broadcast rights in places where the broadcasters don't have enough money to buy Batman. Used to be that chop-socky ate up all that business, but I dunno, all my cheap hotels are full of Mansquito-type stuff now. But here's the thing: in that context, with a flickering light and bad karaoke filtering up through the floor, IT RULES.