Wednesday, May 14, 2008


On this day in 2004, I walked out the door of the live daily talk show On Air With Ryan Seacrest and never returned.

I spent my first few weeks writing material that was rejected by one of the EPs as being "too funny." I still have memos from him with that comment. (I imagined the viewer sitting in front of the TV set laughing... and then saying "Christ, this is too funny - I gotta change the channel!")

The relentless schedule was brutal. It wasn't long before many good people started going insane — this is supervising producer Michael Weinberg at the precise moment he lost his mind.

Reena took this.

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  1. Jacksonville did everything it could to make that show a success. As I recall our ratings were higher than any other city.

    Jason looks like he's on a perp walk. I haven't seen him that upset since Brandon got in trouble with that bookie.